Birger Larsen

Associate Professor
Information Interaction and Information Architecture
Royal School of Library and Information Science
Copenhagen, Denmark

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Associate Professor Birger Larsen has two main areas of research: information retrieval and bibliometrics, which were combined in his 2004 PhD work on using citation networks in for retrieval in search engines for scholarly documents. His current research in bibliometrics focuses on development and application of indicators for research performance, and on studying phenomena in science communication and interaction using bibliometric methods. He is actively involved in the international bibliometric community, and was the international co-program chair of the ISSI 2009 conference; the premier international venue for research within the areas of informetrics, scientometrics and bibliometrics.



Havemann, Frank and Birger Larsen. 2013. "Bibliometric Indicators of Young Authors in Astrophysics: Can Later Stars Be Predicted?" Paper presented at 14th International Society of Scientometrics & Informetrics Conference (ISSI) . 2013 July 15-19. Vienna (AUT) .